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Christopher Corzett, Ph.D.

About me:

Trained as a microbiologist, I've always been fascinated by diverse cultures.


While I've spent most of my life examining the world with a microscope, I've recently swapped lenses to explore the broader impacts of science and society. By putting down the pipette and picking up a camera, I aim to illustrate the societal impacts of scientific abstracts.

Images can communicate in ways words cannot. They can extend the reach and resonance of scientific storytelling. Data should influence decisions, so I make images that can inspire change.


We live in a microbial world. Every process on Earth is directly influenced by our tiny neighbors, and we wouldn't be here without them.


I've had the pleasure of studying how bacteria eat sugars in seaweeds to develop alternative sources of renewable energy, how microbes respond and adapt to environmental stresses like antibiotics, and how pathogens cause disease.


Postdoctoral Associate, MIT

Ph.D., Molecular Biology, USC

B.S., General Biology, UCSD

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